The Ultimate Two-Week Thailand Adventure

I’ve been known to suffer from foot-in-mouth disorder from time to time, but my ultimate was when I gushed to a soon-to-be bride “So are you looking forward to Thailand”? Only to be met with a look from the fiancé that could make Railay Beach freeze over…I had ruined the honeymoon surprise. But hey, I mean EVERYONE goes to Thailand for their honeymoon, right? And why? Because it’s one of the most incredible, vibrant, beautiful, diverse, tourist friendly, safe, relaxing, accessible, affordable and memorable destinations in the world. Having travelled extensively through Europe and the States, my life, work, love and travel partner and I finally decided to find out what all the fuss was about. So I set myself to the glorious task of travel researching and after extensive googling, and searching of facebook groups and blogs, I came up with an itinerary that was within budget and ticked all the boxes of city, culture, jungle and beach in two weeks. In this blog I will attempt to impart as much useful and honest information on where to go, what to avoid and what not to miss.