“If everything exists within the landscape then the landscape architect must learn to design everything” – anon

We approach each project in a manner which looks to the unique characteristics of the site, client, budget, function and aesthetic qualities. At the same time, we apply the landscape architectural approach of combining science, art, vision and thought to understand the dynamic relationship between the natural and the built environment.

From small garden courtyards to large expanses of riverine vegetation, we aim to understand the sites’ environmental role and their potential to become a beautiful, functional spaces. Client’s needs and specific desires are explored intensely and designs are presented in a manner which allows the client to visualise the final product and to become part of the design process. Our background in architecture gives us the ability to work closely with other consultants, allowing for a holistic design response. 

Each design approach responds in a manner which combines elements of hard and soft to be composed in an arrangement that contrasts and complements. Planting palettes are developed based on the site’s water, climatic and environmental characteristics as well as the client’s aesthetic preferences and maintenance requirements. Aspects such as water wise indigenous planting and sustainable materials are prioritised and the preservation of our environment is always taken into account.