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Agodi Park and Gardens Creates a Green Gem in the Middle of the City

09:42 02 October in Landscape Architects Network, Uncategorized by Rose Buchanan

Agodi Park and Gardens, by Earthworks Landscape Architects, in Ibadan, Nigeria. When we think of large, inner-city parks, we immediately visualize scenes such as New York City’s Central Park, with its rolling lawns, park benches, manmade lakes, and sporting venues. The purpose of these parks is...


How Place d’Youville is Teaching us That Artificial is Not Fake!

08:55 26 March in Landscape Architects Network, Uncategorized by Rose Buchanan

Place d’Youville in Montreal, Quebec, Canada design by Claude Cormier + Associés. What is landscape architecture, really? Perhaps one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of the landscape architecture profession is the fact that very few people understand what it is that we really do. No, we...